Staging will Help Sell Your House Fast in WDC

Now that you have decided to put your home back on the market to sell, one of the first decisions to make can be whether or not to stage your home. Most realtors say that a staged house will sell quicker and for a higher price than a home that is not staged. This includes homes which are empty. Even though an empty home looks nice and clean, it can also seem cold to perspective buyers which can make them hesitant to purchase the home. There are many benefits to staging your home for sale and selling it fast is the main one.

Staging your home really does help you sell your home fast

It is reported that on average staged houses sell on an average of  37 days whereas homes that are not staged sell on average 212 days. The Real Estate Staging Association also did a survey to see how staging influences the speed at which a house sells. They study considered 40 homes that they listed and did not stage. These houses stayed on the market for an average 234 days. Once a home were staged, they were sold in 54 days on average. In this survey, houses that were staged spent 77% less time sitting on the market waiting for a sell.

Staging your home gives a great first Impression

There’s an old saying that goes something like this, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This statement is so true when staging a home to sell fast. When a buyer drives up to the home for the first time they will have an initial impression  immediately. By staging the outside of the house and sprucing it up for the showing, the visitor will carry that first impression with them as they look at the rest of the house. When a house is staged it is like putting the “best foot forward” and it helps impress would be buyers.

A Dressed Up House Gains Attention

It does not matter if the real estate market is in a down turn or not, a stagged house is going to gain attention. Those which attract the most attention are much more likely to sell much faster. If the real estate market has gone cold, the buyers may not settle for anything less than what they feel is best.

Think like a buyer for minute. If you have the option between a couple houses, one of which is in need of some repairs and is going to require money and time to fix up; and the other is a nicely staged home that shows wonderful and is ready to move in, which are you likely to choose? When the market is hot then potential buyers have the opportunity to go into a consuming mode and buy up any hot property that is gaining alot of attention at the moment. Either way the market is headed , staging your house can be a great  way to help it gain attention and have buyers running to snatch it up.

Remove Clutter and Depersonalize is a Must

Staging gives the seller the chance to remove all the clutter. Clutter can distract buyers from seeing the home’s  unique features. It can also make them think that there is less than adequate storage which can be a huge selling point. Proper staging will include every area of the house from the kitchen to the outdoor area to the closets. It can also offer a depersonalized appearance so that potential buyers can see themselves living in the home. The staging process will remove any personalized items or features so that the home can easily been seen through the potential buyer’s eyes.


If you really want to increase your chances of selling your house fast in the Washington, DC area, consider the extra time, and possibly money, as a great investment.

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