Selling your house in Divorce in Washington DC

Selling your house in divorce in Washington, DC is one of the main issues to resolve when a couple decides to call it quits.  It’s often represents your largest financial asset that you both worked hard to save money to buy. It’s the place you raised your kids and planted roots in the neighborhood. Besides determining how to handle custody of your children, selling your house is usually the next most significant issues to resolve when going through a divorce in the Washington, DC. area.

The best scenario for selling your house is when both couples are in agreement to sell the house and there is some equity in the property. You then have to decide if you are going to sell the house yourself, use a tradition realtor, or sell to an investor such as

Selling to a realtor might seem like the quickest and easiest solutions. However, there are some factors and cost you may not have considered when using a traditional realtor. When hiring a realtor you are going to have to pay the realtor a 6% commission fee when you sell your house. In Washington, DC with a median sales price of $542,000 that fee would amount to $32,500.

In order for your house to compete with your competition on the MLS, the realtor is going to make some recommendations for your house. At the least, your realtor will recommend putting a fresh coat of paint on your house. If the house has not been updated in a while, they will typically recommend you renovating your bathrooms and kitchens.

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Renovating or even painting your house will require you locate and get bids from several contractors. Once you have hired a contractor you can trust, you will have to deal with the inconvenience of having workers in your house for the next several weeks. All this activity adds to the stress you are already feeling while going through the divorce, not to mention the thousands of dollars you will spend on the renovation.

Once you get your house ready and listed on the MLS system you can expect the house to be on the market a minimal of 90 to 120 days on average before getting a contract in today’s market. Once the contract has been accepted, closing usually takes another 30 days.

Buyers typically request home inspections, terminate inspections, at a minimal prior to closing to determine any unknown issues or problems with the house. These inspections routinely uncovers a laundry list of problems with the house you had no idea you had. In order to sale the house, the buyer will require you fix the problems which will again cost time and money to repair.

Once at settlement, in today’s market, buyers are typically requesting closing cost assistance of 2-3% from the seller. In Washington, DC, with a median sales price of $542,000 that would reduce the buyers proceeds by an additional $16,260.  Even though you have a contract to buy your houses, settlement my never take place due to a number of possible issues. The buyer might not be able to qualify for the loan, the appraisal on the house my come in less than the contract price, to name a few of the problems that can arise in escrow. If escrow cannot be closed, the process to get a new contract starts all over again costing you valuable time.

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