4 Easy Steps to Sell Your Washington, DC House Fast


The most effective way to sell your Washington, DC house fast, in a matter of days, without a real estate agent commissions, making repairs, and waiting for your buyers bank approvals, is selling your house ‘as is’ to investor like myself.. I am a local Washington, DC investor. I run a small  shop and buy houses that are in need of repair  and in some cases none at all.

4 Easy Steps to Sell Your Washington, DC House Fast

sell your dallas house fast

Easy, quick and fast response and all you have to do is take the first steps…

Step 1: Call Us and Tell Us About Your Property

These are example questions we would ask:

  1. The Address of your house
  2. How many baths and beds
  3. What the condition of the house is
  4. How soon are you wishing to sell and close

Step 2: We’ll review the details and set up an appointment

  • We’ll review the details and make sure it will meet our buying criteria. Don’t worry, you will know the same day weather its something we would consider. We will call you back and  set up an appointment at a time and day of your choosing. Our goal is to help you sell your Washington, DC house fast, get your cash money, bottom line! We don’t like wasting our customers valuable time..

Step 3: We will present you with a Fair Cash Offer

  • Same day, no obligation, and the best part is, we can send you a written contract by mail or delivered to your email so you can review it, take it to your lawyer or have just about anyone review our simple one page contract before you even sign!!! Remember, our goal is to help you sell fast, quick, and absolutely no worries and know that when we give you our price, and close date, we will do what we say we will do, GUARANTEED!!

Step 4: Close in as little as 7 days!!!

  • We will close at a reputable title company and close on the day of your choosing. Why do we say “in as little as 7 days”? Because as long at the title is clear, you have no leans or owe back taxes or what have you, it really is possible! Now, if you do have a title that is not clear, we can always work these wrinkle out so that you don’t have to worry about calling here or going there, we do all this work for you! How about that!!!

Contact us about how to sell your Dallas house fast Today!

We can easily be reached at (571) 327-8072 for any questions at all or send us a message any time at  Sell your Washington, DC House Fast, and you can start this process by getting in contact with us.

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